E-grapevine Policy

As of 2/2/2017

Version 1.3




Roy Lipscomb, moderator





The e-grapevine listserve is a free, unofficial "kiosk" for freely communicating within the
St. Gertrude Parish community.


        "Unofficial," in order to protect St. Gertrude's Parish and the Archdiocese from any responsibility for message content.





*  Any and all topics are welcome.  Lengthy discussions may be shifted to a "sister" listserve.

* The e-grapevine is not intended for commercial uses or business solicitations.


        This includes selling or renting of goods or services to customers or clients.


        This applies alike to for-profit and non-profit organizations.


        This applies alike to secular, sectarian, and other charitable organizations.


        This does not apply to Yahoogroups, which posts messages at the bottom of each
message in return for sponsoring the e-grapevine.





The aims of e-grapevine policy are--


        To help minimize message traffic on the e-grapevine, in order to make it congenial to
more subscribers.


        To keep the e-grapevine free of spam.


        To maintain the e-grapevine as one of the commercial-free havens on the Internet.





As a public service to e-grapevine subscribers, a waiver applies for these types of notices:


        Events sponsored by our parish or by religious organizations.


        Offers of free services, products, or events.


        Notices of jobs available and jobs wanted.


        Offers to sell or rent personal property (including space in your home or garage).


        Requests for recommendations of tradespersons, products, or services.


        Brief, factual responses to such requests.





Your questions and comments regarding the e-grapevine are welcome.


        If you have questions, please email them directly to me at lipscomb@margrover.com.


        If you'd like to discuss this policy with other e-grapevine members, please join the e-vineyard listserve, created specifically for that purpose.

Note: Please do not use the e-grapevine itself for such discussions. They are of minimal interest to most subscribers and often lead to unsubscriptions.

o        To join the e-vineyard, send an email to e-vineyard-subscribe@yahoogroups.com .
Please ignore any message you may receive that claims you are already subscribed.


o        To unsubscribe from the e-vineyard, send an email to
e-vineyard-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com .

Thank You!